Floor lamp double THE QUEEN

by Mammalampa

€ 1,500.00


The exterior of The Queen is made from corroding steel, while the inside of the lamp is covered with 23.75 carat gold plate. The spherical gold-plated form creates the illusion that the entire inner surface of the sphere radiates light. Its clean lines and simplicity characterize the shape of The Queen. In turn, the ambitious combination of materials creates a truly impressive image. In this lamp the most valuable face of metal meets the poorest. These two surfaces are entirely handmade; the queen’s golden shine is guaranteed by the handcraft of expert goldsmiths, while nature draws spontaneous and unpredictable patterns on the rust. No two Queens on earth are the same!

Design by Ieva Kalēja

Shade size: 2x⌀20
Material - corroded steel, 23.75ct gold
Light bulb - 2 x max 25W E14
Voltage - 220-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz
Electrical cable - textile 200cm

Mammalampa declares a gentle war making lamps differently without killing, adapting or violently beautifying materials. Our lamps are created in the image of living materials touched by the inspiration of craftsmen.
Mammalampa imagines materials in an unexpected light, creating its own distinctive signature and values.