Kardiel Cubix Modern Modular Sofa Sectional Right, Deco Moss/Heather Cashmere

by Amazon

€ 1,374.93


Understanding and then respecting the dimensions and details of the original, is necessary to create a quality reproduction. There are certain modern classic pieces that may look simple but are complex in design. On this particular reproduction, the roll of the top tuft and pitch of the back angle are critical to the side appearance and the seating comfort. Featuring a full width of 111.6”, the original dimensions of the Kardiel cubix reproduction were closely adhered to. Inside the main design, details such as the square tuft outline depth, the dimension of the square tufts, the plumpness and heft of the tuft were followed closely. When these details are not attend to, the sectional takes on a much different appearance than the original. We understand the intricacies of this design in depth. This frame of the Cubix was hand-assembled using solid wood. Each tuft and every seam of the the Cashmere wool blend upholstery was hand-sewn. Cubix features a reinforced bottom seat cushion and ample multi density foam for a long lasting comfortable modern classic sectional.

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