Kardiel 1949 Protractor Desk Mid-century Modern, Walnut Wood, Glass

by Amazon

€ 1,670.26


A study of the architectural elements comprising the structure of the Protractor Desk brings full appreciation for the modernist masterpiece. A chair would slide beneath two boomerang Solid Ash support beams. At the point where vertical transforms to horizontal, rounded oblong shapes have been cut out of the beams creating a transparent airy illusion. Resting on raised stainless steel support buttons, A 15mm thick tempered glass plate provides an elegant writing surface for Protractor. Stainless steel bolt sleeves float the wooden beams off the surface of the slatted cube of 5 drawers. On the opposite side, total transparency is achieved with an open faced single pull out drawer covered by a 15mm glass panel. Two steel rods extend from the boomerang beams, supporting the outer edge of the transparent drawer. A design marvel exceptionally reproduced and coated with a brilliant lustrous finish. * True to original: Real Walnut Veneer body * True to original: Solid Walnut Wood Support Frame * True to original: 15mm Tempered glass desk top * True to original: Stainless Steel Hardware * Feature: 5 cube drawers on smooth glides * Feature: 1 open face glass topped drawer * Feature: Honed glass edge for safety * Feature: Floor protectors * Dimensions: 98.4" Width x 35.4" Depth x 28.7" Height The inherent nature of solid and real wood veneers mean that wood grain and color may vary. Inconsistencies should be expected and appreciated.

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