by BePureHome

€ 915.00

Elephant skin is the latest version of the beautiful Rodeo seating series by the brand BePureHome. This bank is modern, chic and contemporary. This 2.5-seater sofa is spacious, offers plenty of seating and is lined with a beautiful Elephant skin. This skin looks like leather, but is made of 50% nylon and 50% pu in a warm grey color and that gives the sofa a chic look and feels great. Because of the slim frame and loose cushions, the sofa subtly shows in the living room.
Furniture fabrics are sensitive to direct rays of ultraviolet light (sunlight or halogen light) and discolour over time. Do not place furniture in the immediate vicinity of a heat source.
The skin has not been tested for additional treatments and we therefore advise against impregnating the sofa.
If necessary, clean it with a clean cloth, slightly moistened with lukewarm water. Do not rub, but swipe in one direction.
The legs are made of black metal. The seat height is 45 cm, the seat depth is 60 cm and the height of the armrests is 68 cm.
Dimensions: 85x190x86cm

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