Aged ceramic chair

by Esschert Design

€ 119.00


Ceramic garden chair with Aged Ceramic print and a frame of forged steel.

This product is made by Esschert Design. Located in Holland, the products made by Esschert Design are unique and at the same time practical; It looks good and you can really use their products in your day-to-day life.

Materials: Ceramics, wrought iron
Size (WxDxH): 42,0x54,2x88,5 cm

Brand country: Netherlands
Availability (approximately): 15 working days

Esschert Design specializes in developing collections related to gardening and nature.We are creating leading concepts in the industry focused for example at wild birds and animals, outdoor fireplaces, kids gardening and working in the garden.
All our products are designed and developed in house with European designers. We work closely with factories that produce a wide range of products exclusively for us. In this way collections and concepts can be built without emphasis on a special material.
Apart from offering only functional gardening collections our concepts often have a gift appeal being as well surprising, innovative or decorative.