Armchair OXNO


€ 560.00


Design by Matilda Lindblom
Dimensions: W:62 D:55 H:76
Materials: Teak
Seat height (cm): 45
Armrest height (cm): 56.5

Oxnö lies on the island of Gålö in the Stockholm archipelago. Here, pines edge towards the waterline, held back by grey rocks with the quiet authority of millions of years of experience. This is not a spectacular place, but uncomplicated and beautiful: precisely the sublime qualities that inspire our Oxnö range of dining chairs and tables. Oxnö chairs are designed with and without armrests. Both have curved slats in the seat, which by its ingenious design seem to fl oat just outside the frame. The details are innovative and intricate, but the overall impression is so simple that it almost feels perfunctory. It is almost as though the chair is aware of its own clarity. Meanwhile in Oxnö: nothing, absolutely nothing, happens that has not already happened for the past ten thousand years. The same pines, the same rocks.
We come from Gävle which most of you haven’t heard of. It’s a small town on the Baltic coast. Some of the places nearby are beautiful enough to knock you off your feet. The Arctic Circle is just hours away. People have been fishing here for hundreds of years. Some still do. It’s windy and it’s harsh. It snows in the winter and rains in the fall. And most of the year it’s dark. If you were to draw a straight line eastward you’d end up in Siberia.
Gävle is known for a few things and outdoor furniture isn’t one of them, for obvious reasons. Light and warmth are scarce resources. Can you imagine the value of an hour of sunshine here? That was a rhetorical question. No, you can’t, unless you were born here. We make our furniture for these precious moments; for the short Swedish summers. We can’t compromise because every second counts. We make furniture to withstand everything that nature throws at it. If they’re good here, they’re good wherever they end up.