Bench ICON

by BePureHome

€ 239.00

The beautiful Icon sofa of BePureHome is an addition to every possible room in your house. This sofa has a frame made of wood and a seat frame made of recycled leather. The recycled leather is woven, this creates a special effect. The Icon sofa is available in the color dark brown and the total size is 42,5x68,8x40,5 cm. The Icon sofa is made of recycled leather. When cutting patterns of the leather skins, factories hold remains of leather. These remains are crushed and with this we create a new material: recycle leather. Recycle leather consists of 70% genuine leather and 30% polyester. Recycle leather is composed of two materials: the under layer consists of recycled genuine leather which ensures the natural and unique appearance. The leather is protected by a polyester cover layer, which prevents unevenness and makes the fabric a solid combination.
Color finish: dark brown
Material: leather
Dimensions: 42,5x68,5x40,5cm

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