by an&angel

€ 159.00


Design by Artis Nīmanis

Great for freshly-picked apples.

The shape is well weighted and easy to understand, it greatly complements every interior. Mostly suitable for practical, rational persons.

Weight: 2.7 kg
Volume: 5.6 l

Dimensions: 33x34x9.3 cm

Material: Mouth blown glass

Brand country: Latvia
Availability (approximately): 15 working days

an&angel is a brand of innovative and functional tableware, where state-of-the-art methods are used to create aerial and elegant bowls. Crystal and glass are our essential materials and the creation of unprecedented forms is our driving force.The brand owner is company “Angel Glass Design”, established in 2004 by the designer Artis Nimanis, the first collection was based on his Master’s thesis at the Art Academy of Latvia. Since then he has been continuosly experimenting with design and technologies.
Each an&angel bowl is accurately mouth-blown with several layers of glass fused in one, ensuring the highest quality standards throughout each layer. The special technique of layering allows the light to spread evenly across the glass thus giving bowls their distinct shine and style. The subtle mirror effect caught in the glass bowl gains the appreciation from customers all around the world, as well as recognition and awards from professionals in the field of design.