Coat rack DIENERLE

by Tojo

€ 146.00


Coat rack DIENERLE, a fresh and stylish dress servant which is only sticked (2 parts), very easy to handle and flexible. You can put blazers, jackets, blouses, shirts, trousers, ties over, on and in the dienerle. Especially for private households, hotels, restaurants, shops and companies, public houses like universities, schools, kindergardens, museums, etc. dienerle is an all-purpose dress servant, likeable, uncomplicated and washable!

Design by Alexander Schenk.

Alexander Schenk’s product “Segelzelt” was nominated for the design prize of the federal republic of Germany in the year 2007. Furthermore Schenk’s works were awarded with the design prize Baden-Württemberg “Focus in Silber” in the years 2002, 2003 and 2005, the design prizes Hamburger Einkaufstage 2007 and the Promotional Gift Award in the year 2008.

Dimensions: 48x48x116 cm

Materials: MDF coated in green, white, grey

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