coffee table STORM

by Woood

€ 164.00

€ 211.00

Based in the pleasant town of Rimini, MEME DESIGN is a new dynamic Italian company which manufactures trendy , useful and never banal objects and furnishing . Cinzia Olivieri , entrepreneur and NLP business coach is the owner of the company.

 MEME’s name comes from Memetic , the modern science that studies “memes “ the unit of measurement of the ideas in the society . Already in the name, you can find the mission and the ambitious purpose of renewing- giving a new life to to a rigid material such as the metal sheet that can be bent to create joyful and unique pieces.

The project was born in 2012 in an atypical way : three friends each of them professional in the furniture field, each one having its own experience Architect Enrico Cesana; Michele Alberto Sartini export manager and Cinzia Olivieri they all felt that in the world of furniture and objects there was a certain lack of something new and contemporary NEW enhancing furnishing trough colours. PURPOSEFUL elevating metal , one of the most common materials in nature, trough smoothy , curvy sinuous shapes

CONTEMPORARY by mixing different materials even in opposition to each others

Sizes: 40x85x85cm

Material: Brushed pine
FSC® Mix - wood from responsible sources
Assembly required

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