Double hammock COPA

by La siesta

€ 156.00

Furia roja

Double hammock, Cotton from organic cultivation, Traditional macramé, Traditional fringes, Many suspension cords, Support street children in Brazil, Required space, Fixation, Reclining position, Machine-washable, Bind the cords together, Do not tumble dry!, Protect from abrasion, Remove at night, Keep dry during winter

Bed width: 160 cm
Total length: 350 cm
Cloth length: 230 cm
Carrying capacity: 160 kg
Required minimum distance: 310 cm

Brand country: Germany
Availability (approximately): 15 working days

LA SIESTA has offices in Miami, Spain and Germany. It specialises in the development, marketing and distribution of high-end hammocks and hammock chairs from South America.
LA SIESTA also offers a unique line of hammocks and suspended chairs for children, babies and travellers.We see hammocks as what they have always been: a South American national treasure. People from Colombia, Brazil or Mexico have not only used this cultural asset on a daily basis, they have continually developed and refined their hammocks through various stitching and patterns. For many South Americans, their hammock is the most typical – and decorative – expression of their culture and way of life.
By producing and exporting hammocks, we thus bring a hint of Latin American lifestyle to Europe.