Ethan Allen Global Circles Framed Artwork

by Amazon

€ 480.83


Ethan Allen Artwork Display an individual artwok as a focal point in a room. Group multiples on a gallery wall. Whatever your vision, Ethan Allen's fine art collection brings any room together—and shows off your good taste. One large painting featured over a mantelpiece can bring drama to both traditional and contemporary rooms. So can groups of paintings or photographs, whether they're multiple pieces of one series or eclectic galleries featuring many artists and themes. Our selection contains works from accomplished photographers, painters, and artisans who are proven masters of their craft. We also offer never-before-seen works from new creators who are taking the art world by storm. Each custom-framed artwork that we sell is hand-framed in our Passaic, New Jersey, workshop, using responsibly sourced wood and wood cultivated using sustainable forestry practices. Many pieces are exclusive to the Ethan Allen collection; all are carefully selected for quality and attention to detail. Whether you're looking for a sweeping, large-scale landscape photograph or an intricately carved bone china feather housed in a hand-framed shadowbox, our collection offers something unique for every taste and space. You'll discover hand-pressed botanicals, custom framed as a multi-part series, which you can use to add a surprising organic touch to a formal dining room. You'll find abstract landscapes that take a fresh look at an old genre, making themselves at home in both traditional and contemporary spaces. Find exclusive works that no one else carries. Support working artisans from all over the globe. See a heartfelt expression of human creativity translated into a breathtaking visual work. Discover the perfect piece, custom framed by hand, and brought to you exclusively by Ethan Allen.

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