Laundry basket ROW SACK

by EX-T

€ 147.00


Row Sac is the object holder sack combined with Raw, hand-sewn with fine fabrics from old movie sets and theaters. The tissues of different colors and materials are recovered from old industries of the textile district of Prato and recycled into original pieces with unique design. Artisanal masterpiece.

Design by OUSTUDIO.

Brain child of Giorgio Cerrai and Cristina Razzanelli, Oustudio is an architecture & design studio based in Florence. Curiosity is Oustudio's main motivation to approach any projects while honesty, is the leading philosophy the designers opt for to meet and fulfil any clients' needs.

Size: Ø50x80 cm 

Materials: Textiles (unspecified)

Brand country: Italy
Availability (approximately): 10 working days

Ex.t is an Italian design brand for bathroom furniture, accessories and lighting based in Florence An innovative brand which mixes the international vision of its designers with the Italian expertise in the use of techniques and materials; the products are essential, multifunctional and handcrafted by Tuscan family run ateliers with special care and attention to the finer details.