by Stellavie

€ 93.00


Limited edition, each poster is numbered and signed.

Frame - Not included

Great espresso is both an art form and a science. This truly astonishing guide is a large one-color silkscreen print (50cm x 70cm) and a direct invitation in becoming a remarkable skilled barista yourself. Printed with custom mixed inks on a beautiful italian paper, how could it be printed on anything else? Enjoy your perfect shot! Printed with custom-mixed ink on truly beautiful italian premium paper stock from Fedrigoni and Favini.

Limited edition - 250 pieces.
Eash poster is signed and numbered

Brand country: Germany
Availability (approximately): 15 working days

Stellavie is a no-nonsense, independent and creatively led, multidisciplinary design studio and manufacturer from Hamburg, Germany — working in the creative field for clients both national and international our studio is focusing on paper and paper products, print-production, graphic-design and typography. Curiosity is what makes us tick at all times — to try out new things, to inspire and to be inspired is what Stellavie is all about. We follow our hearts and minds, we trust our guts (most of the time).
We are passionately insane about exploring processes and making things. We are thrilled when great design is backed by strategic ingenuity, thoughtfulness and meaning.