Shelf system BLOCKBOX

by Everythings

€ 409.00


General information:
Weight: 11 kg
Material: Honeycomb composite made of recycled kraft paper

Technical specifications:
Pack size (l/w/d): 83 × 33 × 39 cm
Min. shelf space: 0.59 m2
Shelf depth: 32 cm
Largest element: 79 × 37.2 × 32 cm

Load capacity:
BlockBox® elements:
For all elements with the exception of the largest one, and also for the largest element if span is supported by a suitable smaller element, the following figures apply regardless of positioning: 200 g/cm2 of surface area (equates to 2 tons per m2)
(no liability accepted as to the accuracy of these particulars)

Composite board:
Manufactured to be pressure-resistant up to 80 tons per m2

Environmental matters:
Recycling: The entire BlockBox® (except for the handle) can be recycled with other cardboard products – that’s what it is, after all!

Resources: Predominantly renewable resources (cellulose, air)

Transport: Reduced emissions due to compact pack size, lightweight construction materials
and short transport distances

Design: Swiss Design
Proprietary design and name © N. Haeberli, everythings gmbh, Switzerland

Production: Made in Germany by industrial and social (30%) partner organizations

Everythings is invented, developed, designed.
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