by Applicata

€ 225.00

Stained oak

Design by Anders Nørgaard

Inspired by school stools and milking stools which all were on three legs, the light and elegant expression was transferred to a sculptural stool series.

The name "di VOLO" means flying in Italian.

di Volo is available in 3 sizes all in oak and stained beech. All models have their own function in today's homes. It is produced in Denmark, with focus on quality and Danish craftsmanship.

Applicata offers accessories, lighting and small furniture in high quality for the home. Often in a combination of wood with colour or wood with other natural materials. Collection is designed by skilled Scandinavian architects, designers and artists. This ensures unique products of high quality in regard to both aesthetic and function.
Applicata produce wooden products in small family-owned businesses in Scandinavia, where craft traditions are kept alive over generations.
At the end of 2015 applicata was FSC certified.
With the FSC certification, applicata insure the entire value chain is taken into account.