Salt shaker GRIPBAR

by tove adman

€ 22.58


The salt shaker by Tove Adman is perfect to always have standing on the kitchen table so the guests have it close at hand if they want to salty the breakfast eggs or dinner. It's made of concrete and has a beautiful egg shaped design that is nice to hold. It's also very easy to use and to refill. Just turn off the "foot" with cork, refill the salt shaker and turn it on again.

Designed by Tove Adman.

Tove Adman stands for strong, bold designs and is most known, she become a true design classic. Tove Adman is a Swedish designer well known for her products in concrete and aluminium. Her products often looks like something one might find in a home, but different somehow, and with a function not expected. Tove Adman live on the island of Gotland where she develops all her ideas in her workshop. The concrete castings are made in Järna on the Swedish mainland.

Dimensions: Ø4,5x10cm

Materials: Concrete

From artist to designer. 
My design is made by hand and is an import part of my work. All hands involved in the production are important for the final result. My company is located on the island Gotland where I have my workshop and develop my ideas. The concrete casting and wood work are made in Järna on the mainland and my design made of aluminium is sandcast in India.
Tove Adman