Umbra Prisma Decorative Accents, Set of 6, Copper

by Amazon

€ 22.45


Whether hung, mounted or laid on a tabletop, Prisma wall decor by Umbra adds instant hip and cool to any room. Made of metal, Prisma wall decor can wall mount, ceiling mount or be used as table decor. These copper finished metal geometric shapes can be hung from the ceiling, wall mounted, or displayed on any table surface. Update your space instantly using plastic clips to join two pieces together to complete a set of three, or wall mount the complete set of six. Each set contains three prismas that are different sizes, one measures 10 inches by 9 inches by 8-3/4 inches, one measures 6-1/4 inches by 12-1/4 inches by 5-1/2 inches and the final measures 7 inches by 7-1/4 inches by 6-1/4 inches. From the designer: "I love how these simple rods, when combined together define a mass of volume while remaining very visually light. Even on the wall, they look like primitive diamonds, half embedded within the wall but still occupying a volume and presence. With a few sets hanging from the top of a staircase, you will really create a beautiful impact as you climb the stairs." Designed by Joel Yatscoff for Umbra - original, modern, casual, functional, and affordable design for the home.

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