by Norr11

€ 55.00

€ 79.00

The Vela Vase is made of terracotta and finished in a black colous. It is shaped roughly like a pitcher, but retains a rough characteristics of southeast Asian design. The Vela Vase is highly versatile and can be used indoors and outdoors. This is a sophisticated decorative piece that conveys peace and serenity.

Dimensions: 34x18cm

NORR11 focuses on high quality, natural, and honest materials in our production. Our standards of craftsmanship are high, therefore we work in close collaboration with carefully selected manufacturers. The result is a finely crafted piece that continues to be admired throughout time.
Although rooted in Scandinavia, our designers draw influence from cultures around the world: the Chinese Ming Dynasty, rough South Asian expressions; the American Shaker style of the 1800s; and Bauhaus style, to name a few. NORR11’s designers also draw inspiration from the materials themselves, focusing on the pureness of woods and excellence of joinery.